Flagstone Walkway & Planter

Hi I’m Bill Whelchel. I own Whelchel Landscaping & Construction. And this is an area where we are going to be installing a new custom flagstone patio. We’ve removed the old concrete out of the area, we’ve set grades and we have it prepped for the new stone to go in.

Also, on this project we’re building a raised planter bed. You see down here they’ve marked where grade is going to be, so our flagstone will come up to this point. Then we’ll have a raised planter bed that’s going to be about 20 inches tall. It’s going to be stucco’ed to match the house and will have a flagstone cap on it and of course will be filled with compost for planting.

Hello again, I’m Bill Whelchel and today is day 2 on our flagstone patio and you can see how the guys have got a lot of this flagstone cut now. It’s custom cut and the guys use these special grinders and they have diamond blades on them. This is what we use to cut our flagstone with. All the pieces have been cut and placed so they’re ready to get set in concrete. Now up here, you can see a lot of the pieces have already been placed in the concrete and are ready to be grouted as soon as this concrete sets up and dries — we’ll come back through and we’ll grout this and that’ll be complete. So all of these sections will get done like that.

I’m Bill Whelchel and we’re back here at the flagstone patio and as you can see it’s complete now — all the grout has been put in and finished. Expansion joints have been installed in the appropriate places to try and prevent cracking. Our planter bed is now complete but the client has decided to turn this into a water feature. So that’ll be in one of our next segments how we turned this planter bed into a water feature. Thanks again and we’ll see you next time.