Flaming Water Feature

Hi I’m Bill Whelchel, Whelchel Landscaping and Construction.

And We’re out here in Rio Rancho today and I wanted to talk about this water feature we just completed last week. Like most of our water features, the pond has a skimmer unit – so underneath these rocks is a skimmer, which does what that says, it skims the water but it also houses the pump and also houses your automatic water fill which keeps the water level. This pond is about 30 inches deep – most of ours range anywhere from 24 to 36 inches deep just based on how large the pond is going to be so that we kinda keep everything in scale with the pond.

So, I want to walk upstream here and talk about the waterfall at the top. Also on this project, we did all the landscaping in here so we did the flagstone patios, the stairs. We’ve installed some plants so we’ll have creeping thyme growing down here on the bottom and then just a nice assortment of flowering plants around the edge of the pond.

Up here at the top, where we have our waterfall, we installed a Savio bio-filter as well, so the bio-filter works to filter the water but they also make a very nice natural looking waterfall. This one is incomplete just the time of year it is I wasn’t able to get the plants up top the way I wanted. Those are actually plant pockets up on top and those will have a nice assortment of plants up there that will help disguise the bio-filter and kind of give it natural feel.

The coolest thing about this particular water feature is that we’ve added the element of fire to it. And it looks like my fire has gone out, so I’m going to relight it – hopefully without setting myself on fire. So, this is an underwater gas manifold that we purchased and of course this would be ideal for sitting out here in the evening time. We can actually fix that flame to where it puts off quite a lot of flame. As you can see, this is going to be a great place to sit out here a nighttime and really enjoy the water feature. And believe me, this will set your water feature aside from anybody elses, I can tell you that much. I’m going to turn that down. Alright, well, thanks for tuning and watching my video. Until next time, remember, if you can imagine it, we can build it. Thank you.