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Whelchel Landscaping & Construction is your Solution!

Whelchel Landscaping & Construction is proud to offer landscaping services to Albuquerque, NM and surrounding areas. Our well-educated and experienced employees can provide assistance in enhancing your home. Whelchel is one of the premier "Albuquerque Landscapers" for almost 20 years.
Did You Know…
A beautiful yard is one of the top five improvements you can make to home which has a dramatic effect on resale.

In fact, you can increase the overall value of your home by 15 percent or greater be putting in a well-conceived and installed landscaping improvement.

Even if you are not planning on selling your home right away, get the benefits now of a beautifully landscaped yard.
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Whelchel Landscaping & Construction

Albuquerque Xeriscaping
Xeriscaping utilizes the intrinsic alluring beauty of the high desert to display landscapes which are more viable in our high-desert environment. The root of the word, in Greek means, 'dry landscaping'. By artistically combining plants which need little water to survive/thrive into your outdoor landscape plan, you will find that you spend less time with yard maintenance and simultaneously lowering your water bill.

Albuquerque favors and rewards those businesses and homeowners which move in the direction of xeriscaping their properties by offering a 'xeriscape rebate' - which appears on your water bill as a credit (up to $1.50 per sq ft of qualified xeriscape landscape). Getting the 'xeriscape rebate' is a simple process of contacting the city and filling out a form (http://www.abcwua.org/pdfs/xeriform.pdf) and submitting it to the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority and also abiding by some simple requirements. Some of these requirements include:
  • Your landscape irrigation water must be provided by the Water Authority
  • Any landscape removed must be designated as high water use on the Albuquerque Plant List
  • Fifty percent of the project rebate area must be covered by plants, as they will appear at maturity--not at installation
  • Spray irrigation is not permitted in the rebate area
  • You must cover the soil between and beneath the plants with a minimum 2 inches of mulch
Click here to read more about the xeriscaping/watering guide.
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Residential & Commercial

  • Xeriscape & Landscaping
  • Tree & Shrub Installation
  • Sprinkler & Drip Systems

Customized Service & Terracing

  • Moss Rock, Windsor™
  • Stone, or Wood

Custom-Built Water Features

  • Ponds, Waterfalls
  • Core-Drilled Rocks